Tips To Staying Motivated


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1.) Motivational YouTube Videos 
WATCH THEM EVERY MORNING; while you do your makeup, when you're showering, on a run or at the gym, making breakfast/coffee, on your drive to school/work. Motivational videos changed my life. Sounds dramatic huh? Well it did. Going through a tough time in 2015, I came across "Secret To Success..." (linked below) and fell in love with how it made me feel. I watched it every morning while I did my hair and makeup before work for about 6 months. It inspired me, motivated me, made me feel able and excited to be a female BOSS, and gave me that little bit of encouragement I needed to tackle the day. Below I've linked 3 of my favorite motivational videos! 

2.) Podcasts 
LISTEN TO THEM, often! These can have such a positive impact on your day to day life. I came across podcasts only a couple months ago, and now i'm hooked! Not only do I feel like I'm bettering myself, but I'm also just gaining so much knowledge about different topics. Yes, you could be listening to music or watching a silly show on TV, BUT instead you're choosing to better your life. These can be podcasts on motivation, "how to", religion, fitness, health, anything! Here is one of my favorite podcasts right now from a girl boss! 

3.) Uplifting Music
This can mean something different to everyone! For me, uplifting music means whatever I need in the moment! Sometimes thats worship music, or country music, or hip-hop. Simply having it on around the house or in the car changes my mood and keeps me motivated. When in doubt I go to Spotify and type in...

  • "Girls Night" or "Today's Top Hits": Girl power music honestly just makes me feel like a BOSS. I like jamming out to a female pop singer, owning herself, feeling herself, and getting stuff done!

  • "Top Christian Hits 2017": Helps me know that no matter what I'm going through God is on my side. It makes me feel alive and well and worthy of all the success and motivated out there. "I can do anything through Christ, who strengthens me." - Phil 4:13

  • "Country Hits": Often times I feel country music tells a story of heartbreak or a party good time haha. During the heartbreak songs, it helps me realize that we're not alone & there is hope. During the party good times, it motivates me knowing i'm days closer to the weekend and to push through the hard work.

4.) Use Social Media to your advantage 
Social Media can be used for good or bad! I try to use it for good as best I can. Follow people/accounts that inspire, motivate, and uplift you. This is DIFFERENT for everyone! You might follow a bikini fitness girl and be inspired to workout more and eat healthy, or it may throw you into comparison and make you sad and angry at yourself. FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! I try to go through Instagram once a month and unfollow accounts that no longer feed my mind and soul. Below are some accounts I follow for happiness, motivation, encouragement, etc. 

  • Dailydose 

  • Motivation_mondays

  • Daily_bibleverses

  • Sarahs_day

  • Laura.henshaw

5.) Set Alarms To Remind You
We as imperfect humans, often forgot ALL about the goal we set 20 minutes ago when faced with what is EASY. It's easy to remain the same. It's easy to fall short. It's easy to do what everyone else is doing. It's HARD to make a change. It's hard to form new habits. It's hard to be better every single day. SO REMIND YOURSELF. Set numerous alarms throughout the day to remember why you set that goal in the first place. Each alarm on an iPhone has a "title" you can't write a novel but you can write a few words to trigger your memory as to why you set that goal. It can be anything; weight loss, healthy eating, fitness, be a female boss, work harder, wake up earlier, stop scrolling on social media, etc. 

6.) Write on your mirror 
This may sound silly, but a little simple thing can really be a big play maker. Ever since I was in high school I've drawn things on my mirror in dry erase marker. Below I've listed examples. 

  • Inspiring quotes 

  • Goals; career, weight, fitness

  • Weekly workout game plan 

  • Bible verse 

  • Friendly reminder; YOU ARE CAPABLE. YOU ARE A BOSS.

7.) Read Inspiring Books 
No you don't have to read for hours every single day. It could be something you do at night, or in the morning for 20 minutes or even every Sunday afternoon. I recently starting reading more self- help books. Here's a couple I've enjoyed. 

8.) Set Goals 
Last but certainly not least. I love setting goals. This can be done daily, weekly, monthly, yearly... or be EXTRA like me and do all of the above. One thing I've learned over the years, is it's GREAT to have big goals, but to achieve them we MUST break them down. Examples below: 

  • Year Goals: Lose weight 

  1. HOW? Stop eating fast food everyday, start working out 

  2. BREAK IT DOWN! Only eat fast food on the weekends, workout 3x a week.

  3. KEEP GOING! Meal prep Sunday evenings, run on Monday & Wednesday, yoga on Friday

  4. HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE! Log you progress in your phone, computer or diary.  

  • Year Goal: Get a promotion 

  1. HOW? Work harder 

  2. BREAK IT DOWN! Stay off social media during the week, put in more hours 

  3. KEEP GOING! Delete social media apps M-Thur, go into work 1 hour earlier M-Fri

  4. HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE: Tell a friend, your family member, etc

Ashley Lee