18 Things I Learned in 2018!


  1. Sometimes heartbreak can be Gods way of allowing you to be open and available to what he has planned

    • I went through a hard break up this year, and thought I lost “everything”. Breakups are tough, and we often think the best is behind us, but in time I realized God was simply teaching me lesson. God was also allowing my time to be open, my heart to be open, and my eyes to be open to new people and new opportunities. In a relationship that is the wrong one, you and closing the opportunity to find the right one. Sometimes we can see that right away.

  2. The saying, “when one door closes, another opens”  is true, just be patient

    • After leaving the news industry I had no idea what I wanted to do. I thought what I had worked so hard to achieve for four year was all for nothing. In time, I realized all of those years taught me so many valuable lessons that i’m now able to use in my current business. When one door closed, another amazing one opened.

  3. Hard work can beat talent

    • Don’t discredit yourself just because the natural ability may not be there. hard work can beat talent. Work harder than everyone else and you’ll get your shot.

  4. God gives us the grace to try again

    • So many times this year I fell short. With my relationships; friends and boys, with my goals, with aspirations, with bible study, etc. but God doesn’t judge us for that, he allows us to try again. We sin and we make mistakes but he doesn’t hold it against us.

  5. Failure is an opportunity to be humbled, build grit, and get up

    • In the news industry over the years there were days I tried and tired and tired but fell short. Bosses weren’t pleased with how I wrote a story or maybe how I presented it, but through that hard ship and struggle I was able to build even more grit than I ever knew I had in me.

  6. Being perfect is no fun, being real and authentic is so much more beautiful

    • This was something i’ve always struggled with. I’m a perfectionist, so I’ve always expected myself to be the best, look the best, do the best. I didn’t necessarily do it for others, but for myself. I felt if I wasn’t my best, then how could others see me as good enough. It wasn't until I started loving my personal flaws that I found my truest happiness.

  7. Don’t stop searching until you find your purpose and passion, it’s in there

    • I still don’t have all the answers, but I’m working my way there. My passion is helping others in any facet. Whether it’s fashion, fitness, health, beauty, etc. and while so many think social media is vain, I find my passion. I love creating content, getting creative, chatting with people from anywhere in the country, and helping girls through my experiences in life.

  8. If you want something done right, do it yourself

    • There is no point in getting frustrated at those around you for not doing something the way you wanted it done. Instead of getting upset and wasting your time and energy on being mad, just do it yourself or communicate better. It’s helped me a lot lately.

  9. Life is about balance and consistency

    • I’m the queen of doing everything at once, I’m very all or nothing. If I want to be healthy, I dive right in. If I want to be more fit, I go 150% right away instead of working my way there. Im not necessarily great at this yet, but i’ve at least learned that balance and consistency is the key to success.

  10. Actions speak louder than words

    • I’m a words person, if I feel it or i’m thinking it, I say it. I also fall easily, and feel so much, so fast. I’ve learned this year that words don’t have meaning until someone gives them meaning. Without the action to follow the words, they are simply just words.

  11. Your mind is a powerful thing, simply start believing in yourself, and you can achieve anything

    • Mind over matter. I was convinced that because I didn’t train for the BMW Half Marathon a couple weeks ago that I was not going to beat my personal record. The morning of, I simply decided that no matter what I was going to beat that time. I told myself over and over and over again, every single mile that I was going to beat that time and be proud of myself. So without training, I ended up beating my best time by almost three minutes.

  12. You turn into the 5 people you surround yourself with the most

    • Take a good look around you. Look at who you text all day, look at who you spend your time with most. Look at your 5 closest friends and ask yourself, “Do I want to become these people”? This year, I decided to focus on those around me and choose quality over quantity.

  13. Remember to not lose yourself. Over time boys will come and go, friendships will change, and life will take a new course over and over again… so don’t lose yourself in the process

    • Through numerous breakups over the years and watching friend after friend fall in and out of love, I find it’s so so easy to lose ourselves. When we get in a relationship we often stop seeing friends as much, lose focus on work sometimes, stop going to the gym as much, ditch our side hobbies. It’s understandable, before you had all this free time to better your body, your goals, your life, etc. Someone like me that dives all in to things in life… I need a constant reminder to focus on me. If not, before you know it, you’ve lost those things that made you so happy, ands made you YOU. For me that’s my health and fitness, my family and friends, my blogging and athletics, good work balance, etc. Just because you’re happy with your new partner, doesn’t mean you should stop being happy with just you. Give yourself you time also.

  14. Being vulnerable is a sign of confidence and strength, not weakness

    • I used to think being vulnerable was a sign of weakness. I thought showing my true feelings or opening up would give people a reason to think I was weaker, but that untrue. Not everyone can open up, people actually really struggle with this. I now see it as a sign of strength. Use it, own it.

  15. Embrace exactly who you are, because no one else can be you

    • Whatever your quirk is, start loving that about yourself. The ones that think you’re weird or goofy or annoying, don’t need to be in your life anyways. The people meant to be in your life long term, will see that as a positive trait and want to be around it even more. Stop apologizing for being yourself.

  16. Never let fear stop you from trying

    • One of my absolute favorite things to do is emcee events, but I used to let my fear of messing up get in the way of actually hosting events. Now, I channel that fear into strength. I now know that that fear is simply happening because I care, and the only reason I care is because I want to do well for myself and for those around me.

  17. Don’t be afraid to fail; fail in love, fail in a new challenge, fail in a stretch goal, but give it your all, and you’ve gained more than you lost

    • Through loss, through heartbreak, through failures I can easily look back and see the good that came from all of those things. Int the midst of it, yeah it’s terrible and you want to cry and hide, but in the end I know I’m now stronger because of it.

  18. When life doesn’t go as planned, simple change course.

    • Sulking about the reality or the negatives isn’t going to get us anywhere. Understand what happened in the situation, process it, and then make a change.

janelle brandom